20 February, 2010

Ordinary Hero's - excellent reflection on grace in everyday people

Michael Brandon, host of Freedom through Truth blog, posts an excellent article on encountering Christ in the ordinary "hero's" we meet in life. It reminded me of the homily that was preached at my mother's funeral when the preacher spoke of our obligation to be "everyday saints".

It's well worth the read if you want to be inspired in finding such earthly vessels of grace among the people of your daily life.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your kind words Father Tim.

    I am looking for North American Ordinary Heroes, whose stories of faith in the day to day trials and tribulations might inspire us all to start or continue with perseverance in our own walk with The Lord.

    "IF" (hah) you know of a few or a few hundred (or more) I would love to tell their stories.

    God Bless You



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