11 February, 2010

The Holy Post

At the risk of sending faithful readers and participants in my blog elsewhere, I want to offer a suggestion for an excellent place to participate in similar discussions as I host here - the religion blog of the National Post. If you've never visited there, check it out.

Click here
or on the title to this post to see for yourself.

Just don't forget to share your wisdom here too!!

Fr. Tim

1 comment:

  1. I just got back from Holy Post and I must say that the experience is a tad frustrating. I enjoy a good argument as well as the next guy but there needs to be some basic understanding for that to take place. This place seems to be a loud, boisterous cafe where the conversation sometimes gets a little heated. Holy Post sometimes resembles trench warfare. It really doesn't need to be that way.

    Last time an Orangeman called me a papist and ranted on about Ian Paisley and the Queen, he was at least serving me a roast beef dinner at the time. It was very good roast beef and a very stimulating conversation.

    I'll sit down over a coffee with anyone and discuss anything... but if someone just wants to yell at me I've got better things to do.


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