30 October, 2009

Some "home town parish" bragging

Mattawa is a small town located in North Eastern Ontario, nestled along side the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers. Of late, it has been a town plagued with the same issues of most small one industry towns which sprang up and nurtured throughout its' 100 years by the forestry industry: closed mills, high employment, families suffering through seperations of one parent or the other moving to different regions of the country to find work.

Happily today I can post a bit of pleasant news from our town: the football team from our local High School, F.J. McElligott Secondary School has captured a local regional football championship, winning in an exciting victory over a team from the much larger schools from the City of North Bay, Ontario.

What makes this story of even greater joy for the locals is that this is the first time in over 40 years that "FJ" even fielded a team!

Congratulations to the victorious "Voyageurs"! You have Mattawa PROUD!!!


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