30 October, 2009

A proposed discussion

I have actively been engaged in an excellent discussion with many folks within the threads of the (sadly all too numerous) sex abuse news stories. Some of the participants have commented that it is difficult to have a theological discussion within that venue. Hopefully some of them will accept the invitation to meet here. Just click on the comments link at the end of this post to begin the conversation.

Fr. Tim


  1. SmallTownGuy: I hope you find me here.

    Fr. Tim

  2. Greetings,
    1. All Christian churches who share in baptism have within them something of the universal church that Christ inaugurated. As a Roman Catholic, I believe that as the Church led by the successor of Peter, the entirety of this church that Christ began subsists (lives within) our Church. This does not mean that everything that is the RC Church contains this universal church. Your Church, by virtue of baptism shares in the same entity that was founded by Christ.
    2. I absolutely agree with this second point. As a Catholic (please let me use this term to mean Roman Catholic - less typing, no insult intended) that the tradition of the RC Church is the accumulated wisdom by which we interpret scripture.
    3. Yes I do consider myself an evangelical Catholic priest. Are you familiar with ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together). They have hashed out a common position on the issues you are raising. I have come to understand that if we can set aside our preconceptions about each others community, we will discover that in fact Evangelicals and Catholics are far closer in their beliefs than RC's are with most mainline protestant churches.

  3. Missed one point: the Gospel is the divine word of God revealed to humanity. It contains everything necessary for salvation. This too is a Catholic teaching.


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