30 October, 2009

An archive of writings from Bishop Frederick Henry (Calgary)

The Western Catholic Reporter, which advertises itself as being Canada's largest Catholic weekly, has within its website an excellent series of articles written by western Canadian Bishops. Within this archive one can find many submissions from Bishop Fred Henry of the Diocese of Calgary.

Not only is Bishop Henry among the most prolific of writers, but he addresses issues in a straight forward and articulate manner, usually foregoing many of the "ecclesiastical niceties" that so often marks the writings of modern Bishops. To use an expression from Fr. Jack O'Flaherty (RIP), my seminary spiritual director, he seems never afraid to "bell the cat" when needed.

Fr. Fred Henry was the Rector at St. Peter's Seminary (London) for the majority of my years of study and formation for the priesthood as well as being a professor of Dogmatic Theology. That is, until he was elevated to become first the Auxiliary Bishop of London, then serving as Ordinary in the Diocese of Thunder Bay until his installation in Calgary.

I consider myself as being fortunate to having studied under his tutelage.

As a seminarian I was fortunate to be able to attend his Ordination to the Episcopate, when during that magnificent ritual the Book of the Gospels was held above his head. A young member of his family turned to the supervising adult next to him and asked what they were doing to "Uncle Fred". "Shhh..." his chaperone said, "this is where they take out Uncle Fred's backbone!"

Thankfully, the years that followed have amply demonstrated that this was not to be the case for "Bishop Fred".

Take a few minutes and read this collection of articles from one of Canada's leading voices in all things Catholic in Canada.



  1. Hi Tim,

    I am also an alumnist of Jack's "Group F". I also remember you well.

    Not so sure my opinion of Bishop Fred is as whitewashed as yours.

    Nevertheless, interesting blog.



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