25 October, 2009

A Letter to the Bishops of Canada

The following letter was sent to each of the Bishops of Canada. Your comments are welcome. ----------------------------------------- Most Holy Excellency, I write to you today as a faithful priest in good standing of the Diocese of Pembroke to ask of you two things. First I wish to bring to your attention a blog that I have begun which I have entitled, "Where the Rubber Hits the Road" which is dedicated to confronting directly many of the major issues of the day that have beset our Church in the wake of the recent sex abuse scandals which have erupted and whose effects are even now being counted in untold numbers of souls lost to the Church. I have posted there three essays of my own ("Virtual Scandal", "Je me souviens", and "The Dickwad Theory") as well as any other articles or postings that I can find where a Bishop has addressed this myriad of crisises. The address for the blog is: http://frtimmoyle.blogspot.com/ Secondly, and more importantly, I implore you to please join the battle for the faith, both within the virtual medium of the internet of in any other forum as you see fit. If you would wish, I will be honored to post a link on my blog to anything that you would offer online in defense of our faith, as I have done with the few letters/posts that you or your brother Bishops have offered to date. For the few examples that I have been able to find, I am extremely grateful. I beseech you please, to join this battle. To date, the virtual world of the internet has been conceded to the forces that are striving to tear down our Church, a fact that is easy to see by simply reading the comment threads on any news site, especially in the wake of the Bishop Raymond Lahey scandal. I am aware that many believe that there is little value in engaging in this fight within the virtual world. I can assure you that from my own experience of receiving telephone calls from people from coast to coast in response to my feeble attempts, that there are souls who are crying out for the voices of the Church to be heard. If my experience is at all typical, then there is much good that can be done in this venue and it is long past time to join the battle. Your voice, as a Bishop needs to ring forth in these forums, especially now that these scandals have touched your own ranks. Please make your voice heard in these terrible times before we find that the forces which beseige us now succeed in cleaving away the majority of souls from our midst. I offer these thought in humble obedience and with respect, as a priest who has taken up the challenge of these times. I pray that soon you will too be found among those who are fighting the good fight, both in the real and virtual worlds. Sincerely in the ministry of Jesus, the Eternal High Priest, Fr. Tim Moyle, p.p. St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church - Mattawa, Ontario Diocese of Pembroke


  1. In times of strife, we look forward to leadership to help us move out of the darkness! The deed has been done and we must move on helping those who need us most. The publicity will go on and it is how the 5th estate makes it's bones! We can shake our head, lower our eyes and hide, but....inertia is not the answer.
    We need your leadership to solve these problems and we look forward to your works! We are your people!!!
    Thanks, Father Tim. It takes a lot of courage to face up to those who would want to destroy us!!
    Great Blog!
    Vic Jeske, parishoner
    St. Anne's Parish in Mattawa

  2. Thank you Vic! I pray only that this effort will help to strengthen the faith of any in need.

    Fr. Tim

  3. Marianne Daur02 November, 2009

    Thank you Father Tim......Finally someone with the courage to speak the truth. This issue has touched our family personally, as well as other children in our church growing up. It is time these problems in our society get brought to the light. It is time we stand up against this. Like the saying goes “evil thrives when good people do nothing”. I pray that more people stand against this and similar issues that are destroying children’s lives and our marriages.

    Marianne Daur
    Hearst, Ontario

  4. Marianne: Thanks for the encouragement. Let me simply ask that you do the same! We need to make present the Catholic voice within the virtual world. Fear not to join the fight.


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