18 May, 2016

When the Left Liked Conscientious Objection - Now it's "Conscientious objection for me but not for thee."

When the Left Liked Conscientious Objection - Crisis Magazine


  1. During the Vietnam war a religious conscientious objector could say they are religiously opposed to all wars and be excused from the military draft. The Little Sisters of the Poor can do the same and be excused from having to provide contraceptive coverage to women. What the war protester didn't demand is that the government not draft someone else in his place. The Little Sisters are essentially demanding that. They want, somehow, the private insurance company, to be not allowed to privately offer additional coverage to the person independent of their employer.

    I assume what is next is that prescription drugs not be fulfilled at a pharmacy the sells contraceptives as the person when getting a prescription filled may also decide to pick up a pack of condoms.

    1. Michael: I am less concerned about pharmacists than I am about doctors. One of the amendments being promoted to the euthanasia bill is the extinguishing of conscience rights of a doctor not to kill his/her patient. If it passes and becomes part of the law, I think we all will have a good reason to worry.

      Fr. Tim


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