22 May, 2016

Catholic / Anglican Church unity advances a step

Catholic / Anglican Church unity advances a step - Catholicireland.netCatholicireland.net

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  1. No it doesn't advance anywhere. And it never will. It's all a big waste of time and money keeping people occupied in useless activities when they could be doing things that are useful. The basic problem is that the Catholic Church is clear in what it teaches and faces one way. (It's all clearly laid out in The Catechism of the Catholic Church.) On the other hand the Anglican Communion is all over the place and faces just about every direction. Look at the recent divisions over the issue of homosexuality. Some of their bishops won’t attend meetings which are attended by other bishops. The Episcopal Church in the USA has been told its membership of the Anglican Communion is qualified because of its decision to ordain people in homosexual relationships. The Anglican Communion has no equivalent to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What is the Anglican theology of the Eucharist? There is no such thing. There are as many theologies as there are members. While the Anglican Communion conducts talks with the Catholic Church and pretends to come up with some sort of agreement, the Church of England is busy signing an agreement with the Church of Scotland. One part of this agreement is that ministers from each denomination can run services in each other’s churches. Meanwhile the Episcopal Church of Scotland is not very happy about the Columba Declaration.


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