27 May, 2015

Seeking the transcendent | Crux

"Here’s my theory: The shrinking number of American Catholics isn’t just about the hierarchy’s anachronistic politics. It’s also about Catholics seeking, and not finding, an experience of the holy and transcendent — of God — in their Church."
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Seeking the transcendent | Crux


  1. Larry Green27 May, 2015

    I agree with your theory Fr. Tim to a degree. There is a very important distinction to make with regard to where an experience with the transcendent One takes place. I believe it is so crucial to recognize that such an experience takes place within oneself and for so many reasons ( not semantics) I think you have spelled out a huge problem even more accurately than you intended to with regard to the role of the church as a mediator between God and human beings.

  2. Larry Green27 May, 2015

    Sorry Fr. Tim, I didn't read the article before I commented without realizing you were quoting the author. My comment does in my opinion apply to the quote though no matter who said it. With such great emphasis on things like morality , sin , politics,etc...the Catholic Church has lost it's fundamental role and that represents a betrayal of humanity.


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