24 May, 2015

Diarmuid Martin: Catholic Church needs reality check. Church needs to ask if it has drifted from the young in wake of marriage vote, says archbishop.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Dublin Ireland
Really? Does +Martin actually believe it's the Church that has drifted away? Wow! It isn't the Church that has drifted away. It's been its membership. The Irish Church is indeed in a world of trouble if its top clerics have such a malformed view as to what is happening to it. How can one hope to fix a problem if they are unable to even identify what has happened in the first place?

I've really liked + Diamuid Martin, especially in the manner that he has addressed the Irish sex abuse scandals. But he's certainly off the mark with this issue.

Diarmuid Martin: Catholic Church needs reality check

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  1. It's not just the young, it's all ages. My family is quite conservative Catholic here in Canada and everyone of them would support the right of gays to marry. They don't want it themselves, and they don't want the Catholic Church to marry gays but they don't see why their belief should be imposed upon non Catholics. Non Catholics can divorce and the Catholic Church doesn't seek to stop them (although they did until recently in Ireland) so the same principle should apply to same sex marriage,


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