31 May, 2015

Priests need prayers to deal with disillusionment

Priests need prayers to deal with disillusionment

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  1. May I suggest they also need words of encouragement. So often in many walks of life one doesn't get the simple thank you that can mean so much.

    Priests, like authors, can live somewhat set apart lives. The late Christopher Hitchens once commented that authors enjoy getting a note from their readers and one should not be reluctant to send one (He also stressed the importance of condolence notes). On Saturday I saw an interview with an author I have enjoys for over two decades now, Daniel C, Dennett, so I sat down and wrote him a note telling which books of his I've read and the one I am reading and how I have enjoyed them. I also mentioned that his public expression of love of Bach choral music gives me, a fellow atheist, cover when I am caught out listening or at concerts. I got a nice response a few hours later thanking me and telling me he is working on a new book, "a real humdinger".

    Fr. Tim. - I hope this article wasn't any expression of disillusionment on your part and I would ask any of your parishioners to pray for you if they feel so inclined, but also to talk to you and thank you for the work you are doing in your parish.


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