31 May, 2015

Getting to the Point: Careful The Tale You Tell -

Why is the Church so obsessed with abortion? Why does the Church talk incessantly about homosexuality? What is this creepy Catholic obsession with sex, sex, sex all the time? Why can’t the Church be concerned about real issues—poverty, for example—instead of always being all about the pelvic issues? Why, huh, why?
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Getting to the Point: Careful The Tale You Tell:


  1. I know of only one occurrence of a person being kicked out of a Catholic institution (school, hospital. etc.) over an legal sin that wasn't related to sex. (That was that 12 year old girl who had leukemia and was expelled for missing to much time - After the out roar she was re-instated). If the Church was as serious about other sins as the sexual ones this would happen all the time.

    1. I'm not aware of people getting 'kicked out' of Catholic institutions much at all, let alone 'all the time'. We are serious about sin - that's why we priests are available to hear confessions as we are. But it is not our job to punish or police sinners, only to heal and forgive them. People do get fired from jobs if they have taken a position in which they agree to represent the Church and its teachings and then make choices that misrepresent the Church, but is that really different from what any organization does? I wouldn't be able to work for the Conservative party and spend all my time campaigning for the NDP, would I?

  2. Anonymous31 May, 2015

    I think the table had to be set, or using another terminology we had to lay the solid foundation on the truth. And taking a stand on abortion and homosexuality had to be clarified. But now that is established we need to move on from there and quit hitting everybody over the head with these truths. Let's move on and focus on the Jesus who came to save ALL humankind and his message of love and forgiveness. That is where the church currently struggles but rest assured the Holy Spirit will guide us in the right direction.



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