13 August, 2012

Is Richard Dawkins a bully or a prophet of reason

Here's an interesting article from Australia on the most prominent of the 'new atheists': Dr. Richard Dawkins. He is the author of 'The God Delusion'. It's his tome against God and faith. Check out the article and decide for yourself whether the man is a prophet of a new age of reason over faith... or just a bully.

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  1. "However, there is also a second assumption, albeit a less explicit one: that the dictates of reason have the power to compel human actions, that they have a normative significance of human living."

    This is an interesting assumption and assumes that a religious person who adopted a religious faith for non rational reasons can be reasoned out of a faith by rational argument.

    People adopt a faith world view for a variety of reasons, typically family, response to crises in life or emotional reasons. This is not to disparage those reasons, but it is curious that reason is rarely one of them.

    And in Prof. Dawkins' book and public talks is he doing anything different from a Christian apologist or a Christian preacher would not do. He is trying to present his views, yes firmly, using reason and challenging people to question their status quo. If this is being a bull, then would it also apply to those in the pulpit as well.


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