04 August, 2012

A Catholic commentator opines on the 'chicken wars' in the USA


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  1. You might be surprised that I write this, Tim but Right Wing, Catholic and evangelical, fundamentalist protestant leaders and intellectuals, such as the state of their intellect allows, are right about some things. Western society is at a crux point. Either they make their stand now and experience a dramatic regeneration of support of and fidelity to, institutionalized religion, preserving it's traditionally influential position in dictating the morality and structure of behavior, through Civil as well as canon law or the place of Christianity as a primary force in Western Society will be irretrievably lost.

    The majority of support for a strong Christian basis in society, though their numbers are still substantial, are in or soon to be among, our eldest demographic. Many still retain substantial positions of power, wealth and the bully pulpit but the time left for revival of institutionalized religious influence is short.

    Pick any recent time frame, 50 years, 20 years, 5 years, 1 year and it can be said that the state, influence and health of religion in society has been in turbulent change and not in a good way for those who favor a strong faith based culture.

    If there is to be a reversal, it must be now. The masters of fundamental Christianity are right in saying that the time for the appeasement of liberalizing elements of society must stop. It has not achieved anything but a more rapid deterioration of institutional Christianity. A strong church community, be it Catholic or protestant, cannot coexist within a society where most people claim to be "spiritual" but not strongly attached to a church community.

    I think that many would agree that the tipping point is already long past and the church in irreversible decline. There is no benefit for strong church adherents to admit this though for once they do the fight is lost and for many, that fight will continue until the end of life. Given the age of most, that time will not be long in coming.

    Do you really think things can be turned around in the next few years? Maybe not but ya gotta try, right?


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