24 August, 2012

Do no harm?: Medical journals show increasing support for euthanasia | LifeSiteNews.com

Do no harm?: Medical journals show increasing support for euthanasia | LifeSiteNews.com


  1. If you have ever been part of the care giving team, in a clinical setting that routinely administers treatment to those in the end stage of life brought about by catastrophic illness or injury you know something that not everyone knows. There is often period of time after which the hope for any recovery or even cessation of pain and bodily struggle is gone, during which the prolongation of life is not in service but in fact detrimental to, the best interest of the afflicted.

    Reactionary religious fanatics, for whom the mantra of "natural death" serves as a bookend for their ever more shrill calls to end women's reproductive freedom, cling tenaciously to an anti compassionate and supremely inhumane view of the dying process for political purposes only.

    Ask yourself how many of these same true believing, wild eyed, mouth foaming, bloody fetus picture carrying, culture of life warriors, would choose to sit at the side of their aged or grievously ill , beloved dog or cat, sometimes for weeks or months, while a team of veterinary specialists labored around the clock, doing everything in their power, at astronomical expense, to prolong the suffering of the poor little beastie. Would you subject Mattaeo to this fate, Timmy? I know that you would not.... but you would subject the same fate to someone else's grandmother or innocent child, simply because your Vatican masters decree it. What a cruel and callous man you are or does the meager, isolated, friendless, sexless existence that they grudgingly allow you, mean so much to you that you are willing to collude in so much hurt to others?

  2. Anonymous: My dog's name is Mateo. If you're going to use him to try to insult me (which in itself is a laugh) you should at least try to spell his name correctly.

    BTW, I published this comment - full of your usual invective and hatred - just as a treat for you. Hope you appreciate it... but I doubt you do. Feeble minded folks like you usually are too demented to appreciate any kindness so it's usually a wasted effort. But even imbeciles like you deserve a little time in the sun.

    Fr. Tim


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