07 July, 2017

Democrats’ Religion Problem: Progressivism & Faith Inherently Contradictory | National Review

Progressivism has always been premised on the notion that man has a changeable nature and thus is able to achieve perfection during his time on earth. As a result, progressives consistently maintain that government is responsible for transforming men and women into perfect creatures. They develop programs and reforms suited not for man as he is, but for man as he ought to be (and, progressives would argue, for man as he could become, with the right societal structures).
Against that idea, most religious believers contend that man is flawed by his very nature and incapable of perfecting himself without the help of God, and that perfection is in fact unattainable during earthly life. While sects and denominations differ vastly, religion itself — and indeed any dependence on a Creator — is a direct contradiction to the progressive conception of man as changeable and perfectible. 
In short, progressivism and religion — understood as a fundamental reliance on God rather than on oneself or on other men — are inherently incompatible. 

Democrats’ Religion Problem: Progressivism & Faith Inherently Contradictory | National Review

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  1. I don't think Progressives think that humans, either individually or collectively are capable of perfection. I've never seen that sentiment professed in anything I've read. Neither do they think that government will solve all of societies ills.

    What most Progressives want is that government will seek to protect those who could be exploited by those in power and level the playing field for all citizens. Then society can make the changes it wants or needs.

    As a point in relying on God, on July 1st I changed how I sing the anthem. Yes I use the admittedly clumsy "in all of us command". That is a given. But I also change "God keep this land.." to the equally scanable "We'll keep this land..". Not due to any animus towards a deity but because more and more I see it important that we take responsibility for our society rather than relying on providence for deliverance. Catholicism teaches that we are "Co-creators with Christ" and we can all agree, believer or not, that it is time for us to start pulling our share.

    We may not make the progress we want but if we can gradually reduce poverty, reduce racism and sexism, extend the benefits of education to all people and increase the general happiness in this world that's great. And as for the credit we can thank whoever we like but it's important that we take the initiative.


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