16 July, 2017

Science Is Great, but It's Not Always Enough

Science Is Great, but It's Not Always Enough | Catholic Answers


  1. The author missed it in the first sentence. He quotes a philosopher as saying that “the methods of science are the only reliable ways to secure knowledge of anything.” and then goes on to trash the notion that science claims to answer all questions. No, it's not science, but the method of science, a critical, evidence based, testing, discarding false hypothesis, always open to correction methodology that allows science, and potentially other areas of human inquiry to make progress.

    1. Michael: Is that not a difference that makes no difference? His point is that science is limited to only things that exist in the material world. It cannot address or provide answers to everything. Not trying to be argumentative and maybe I've missed the point you're making, but I think the author was correct with his assertion.

      Fr. Tim


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