16 July, 2017

More evidence of the culture of death that's flourishing at the Pontiac Hospital in Shawville

I wanted to highlight this comment that was posted to my earlier post:  "We live in dangerous times... at least that is if you're sick enough to need hospitalization". It demonstrates that the culture of death which seems to have taken over our community hospital in Shawville QC is indeed a real and present danger to the elderly, the vulnerable and the seriously ill. Please note the quote from the physicians in response to the demand for treatment on the part of the patient and his POA (power of attorney): 
"I told this doctor and her replacement on hospital rotation that it was his decision and mine as POA. They both said no that it was up to the doctor to decide..." 
Such a remark is only possible because we have erased the prohibition against taking an innocent life via the legalization of euthanasia and the moral values of doctors who are quickly becoming warped into agents of death rather than promoters and protectors of life. Such a deformation of a doctor's role is only possible in a culture that no longer respects the value of life and the express wishes of patients to be treated. 

It deeply saddens me to say that we have every reason to be afraid of doctors these days, especially when we become sick in our later years and have need of hospitalization. 

Read the comment for yourself and come to your own conclusion as to whether or not you believe I am being an 'alarmist' (as some health care professionals have alleged) or if indeed we are seeing the emergence of a culture of death in our Shawville hospital - a culture that we must fight if we are to be guaranteed the right to life if that is our wish. If it's happening in a small hospital in rural Quebec, it most certainly is happening elsewhere as well.

Father Tim: A friend of mine shared your eloquent article as I too was struggling with this same issue at the Shawville Hospital for an elderly relative who also had a bladder infection.By the time I realized that when the doctor said she would keep him comfortable she meant pain medication and had no intention of giving an antibiotic for a bladder infection, I argued for treatment.She told me, in front of him, he was going to die...and die soon.I had a rigourous discussion with her and she finally backed down and gave him an antibiotic.He is now placed in long term care and will have a new doctor. He has been able to resume bladder function and is walking again with assistance.I told this doctor and her replacement on hospital rotation that it was his decision and mine as POA.They both said no that it was up to the doctor to decide in their opinion the best course of action or apparently if you are over 80 inaction.I am encouraged by the progress the patient has made but will remqain chilled at the treatment he received.If you do not have a strong advocate beside you questioning and checking each medical decision I fear you are quietly rushed to your death in the Pontiac.

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