04 July, 2016

Would Jesus Salute the Flag? - Good question. What do you think?

Would Jesus Salute the Flag? |Blogs | NCRegister.com

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  1. Larry Green06 July, 2016

    Jesus spent his time on earth embracing people and leading them away from 'flags' which symbolize borders, barriers and walls. He lived most of His time among poor, sick, disabled and suffering people whose poverty raised them high above concerns about 'flags' and about pride. He lived with them, not because he wanted to help them, but because he loved them and because indeed He was one OF them. It is impossible to be humble and proud at the same time. One obliterates the other. He never came to save the Saints and those who can feel proud, do not need Him either. Our neighbors are human beings living on the planet without imaginary borders. To love them as He loves us, is to love them as they are. Jesus does not say, "If you change,(your last name, your religion, your nationality, your flaws) I will love."


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