13 July, 2016

The next schism is already here - And it's digital!

"I hope my own experience with these type persons is atypical. While Rosica's attorneys demanded his attacker stop assassinating the priest's character, my own university actually banned a nasty blogger from campus and any online activities some years ago, when he tried to disrupt one of my online seminars. The idea was to keep him away from me. Aside from denigrating my scholarship and defending his personal version of the faith, my attacker also brags about carrying a gun."
"That is where the schism is now. It is no longer butchers and bakers having street fights over Real Presence, or any other theological issue. It is shoot-from-the-hip typists whose access to bandwidth lets them threaten your livelihood and, implicitly at least, your life. What they say is true because they say it, no matter their lack of credentials or, possibly, sanity."
Click on link below to read the entire article on the NCR website:

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  1. Anonymous13 July, 2016

    Rosica has had his own problems with spinning while being the English-language spokesman at the Vatican and,of course, the NCR has its own spin to uphold.


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