31 July, 2016

What more must He do to convince you that you are loved?

Among my varied internet friends I cherish the presence of some who are professed atheists. When I ask them what it would take for them to believe in the existence of a loving God, one common answer is "Let him grow back a limb for an amputee!" While I appreciate the reality that this article isn't going to provide such dramatic a demonstration, the issue it addresses (our own personal difficulties in believing that God could love us with all our sins and imperfections) serves to point out that both believers and non-believers have to deal with a need to obtain some 'proof' of God's existence and his providential love for each of us as individuals. We all have to deal with the issues of doubt... since doubt and fear is the partner vices to the virtues of belief and hope.

I hope and pray that this article might serve to aid in the battle of belief over doubt and love over fear for you. It did for me.

What more must He do to convince you that you are loved? - Top Stories - Aleteia.org – Worldwide Catholic Network Sharing Faith Resources for those seeking Truth – Aleteia.org

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