27 October, 2015

Why are Catholics so afraid of change? - CNN.com

Why do some Catholics prefer the colour red? Or don't like Latin? Or are afraid of superstitions? The answer is 'just because they are people!' Catholics are a diverse lot. Some like change; others prefer stability. It says nothing about either group other than that they have personal preferences. So why is Fr. James Martin s.j. (who I usually really like reading) getting vexed over the fact that some Catholics preferred that the recent Synod on the Family calling for a more nuanced and pastoral application of Church doctrine when it comes to issues such as communion for divorced Catholics? I fear it's because he thinks that the synod didn't go far enough in the direction that he presumes is the correct direction. But don't take my opinion as being infallible. Read his article for yourself and come to your own conclusions. After all, there's no reason to be afraid of that!!

Why are Catholics so afraid of change? - CNN.com

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