27 October, 2015

The Pope’s Mighty Fortress - WSJ

"In George Weigel, John Paul found a biographer who combines the skills of a historian, a theologian and a journalist. Mr. Weigel’s “Witness to Hope” (1999) appeared during the late pope’s lifetime and was hailed as a masterpiece worthy of its subject. This was followed by a sequel, “The End and the Beginning,” published in 2010, five years after John Paul’s death. Both these works are emphatically biographical, sympathetic but never sycophantic. 
Mr. Weigel’s “City of Saints” belongs to a different genre. The clue is in the subtitle: “A Pilgrimage to John Paul II’s Kraków.” The author wants to take readers on a journey in the papal footsteps and through the scenes of his clerical life. It is a guide to the stations on John Paul’s path and seeks to inspire us with a sense of awe that one good man could achieve so much."

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The Pope’s Mighty Fortress - WSJ

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