29 September, 2015

Interested in the upcoming Synod on the Family? Then don't miss this opportunity to get some first-person reporting on the event

Dear Friends:

Please go to http://www.firstthings.com where you will find the rollout of a new media project, LETTERS FROM THE SYNOD.

In summoning last October’s special meeting of the Synod of Bishops and the regular session of the Synod that will begin its work on October 5, Pope Francis called the entire Church to an open, wide-ranging, and honest discussion of the crisis of marriage and the family in the 21st century, and to a Gospel-centered exploration of what the Catholic Church might do to respond to this crisis with greater pastoral impact, thus renewing the vocation of marriage and restoring its luster.

LETTERS FROM THE SYNOD—a partnership among First Things, the Catholic Herald in the U.K., and the Catholic Weekly in Sydney—is a response to that call.

Please do pass the word about this so that we get the widest possible coverage.

Best thanks for your help on this, and so much else.

George Weigel

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