24 November, 2014

Report: Top Vatican prosecutor failed to report abuser | Crux

"But McGuire was not reported to civil authorities, which troubles victim's rights advocates. Catholic bishops in the United States adopted a zero-tolerance approach to clergy sexual abuse, which requires notifying civil authorities, in 2002."

This report makes clear all the proper steps the Pope's choice as the cleric tasked with the responsibility of prosecuting priests made in this case which resulted in his expulsion a predator from the clergy's ranks. He should receive all the plaudits that his good work accomplished.


If that same priest failed in his responsibility to civil society by not reporting this predator to the Police and thus potentially putting other children at risk, would he be your first choice to demonstrate your commitment to the world to ensure their protection? Seems like an odd choice IMHO.

People know and accept that there are predators in every walk of life; rich, poor, ditch-digger or academic alike. Perverts walk among us. That's no surprise, even within the Church. Their existence in any profession or vocation is unfortunate, but hardly a shock. People understand this.

What they don't understand is why Church leaders first tried to hide these affairs from the public's eyes. They struggle too with the inability of Church leaders to grasp that the failure to report ALL SUCH CASES to the police places children at further risk of abuse. This they don’t understand. Nor will they accept it.

I appreciate that it is required that the victim must consent to the involvement of the police in their case and that sometimes they choose not to go that route. But even if we cannot bring to the police the name of a victim, can we not tell them the name of a predator so that the police could conduct a full investigation to ensure the safety of future victims and if possible, obtain justice for victims past?

The optics of choosing someone who chose to not do this makes it difficult for citizens to believe the Church actually means what it says. I sincerely hope that this is made clear to Pope Francis and that he will choose someone else as Vatican prosecutor. Irrespective of the good this nominee has accomplished, he is tarnished in the eyes of the faithful and not the right man for this job.

Report: Top Vatican prosecutor failed to report abuser | Crux

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