21 November, 2014

Men of blood and iron: 700 years ago a Christian counterpart to ISIS emerged in Europe

When I encounter folks who claim that all Muslims are dedicated to eradicating Christians I always try to make two simple points. First, that it is only a minority sect within the Islamic community that desires this (Islamist extremists). Second, that we Christians have been there as well at times in our history as this article makes clear.

These are two important facts since the first gives us perspective and hope that we will come to a state of peaceful co-existence with our Muslim brothers and sisters once the 'silent majority' in their midst comes to the ascendancy. It also means that the Christian community can help this to happen if we share with the theological processes that we used during our periods of dealing with violent extremists with moderate Muslims.

I'm grateful for this article because it offers the evidence to prove my point. It's an article that gives me hope. Does it do the same for you?

MercatorNet: Men of blood and iron

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