26 November, 2014

Catholic ‘cannibalism’ | Crux

Catholic ‘cannibalism’ | Crux

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  1. I believe the confusing aspects of 'transubstantiation' for many lie in the failure to grasp the understanding of what is meant when it is said that Christ is present physically in the consecrated host. As well as what is meant 'externally and internally.' We hear that God and man is present substantially under the auspices of bread and wine, but it takes a bit more contemplation and reflection than simply finding the definition of those terms to better grasp what is really being propagated. For example ' externally and internally' here do not refer to the external and internal properties of the bread and wine. The external and internal properties of the bread and wine remain and Christ is present in them for only as long as the physical attributes ( Aristotle called them accidents) remain because it is clearly stated that He is present under the appearance of those. He is present substantially means that he cannot be present accidently in any way. There is never a time anywhere in nature where human blood is a property of bread or wine.
    Only in transubstantiation can the substance of something be consumed by consuming the physical attributes of another.
    There is no possible way to eat the substance of a slice of bread without eating its physical properties ( taste, colour, texture, etc...) The same holds true for carnivores, vegetarians and cannibals.


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