10 May, 2014

Not posting because I'm under the weather.

Sorry folks for the lack of posts lately but I've been under the weather and stuck in bed for the past few days. It looks like this will continue for a few more days if my experiences this morning at trying to accomplish a few things is indicative of my state of health. It seems I still have a little ways to go before I'll be solidly on my feet. Hopefully I'll be 'back on the road' and posting by the middle of this coming week. Thank you for your patient understanding

Fr. Tim


  1. I was hoping you were on an after Easter vacation. Get better soon Fr. Tim.

  2. Anonymous11 May, 2014

    Hot water,lemon and brandy in a glass(cup'll do too)...drink four times/day ...or...
    Put your hat (biretta?) on the bed post.Get a bottle of scotch,drink it in a glass slowly..when two hats (birettas) appear on the bed post you are just a few hours from being cured.
    My grandfather swore by this method....he was a very good Catholic but never had a biretta...Bonne chance


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