19 May, 2014

Soft Atheism and Rational Religion

Soft Atheism and Rational Religion

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  1. Since I can't comment at Strange Notions I'll comment here.

    "in the course of his interview he compares religious experience to the experiences of people suffering from psychosis. And this shows the real danger of such a proposal, namely, that a society dominated by advocates of Kitcher’s brand of atheism might tolerate religious people for a time but will, eventually, seek to marginalize them—or even hospitalize them for insanity."

    Beyond the incredible leaps of reasoning Fr. Barron indulges in, then the corollary would be to tolerate all forms of religious experience, from the Raelians and Scientologists to the Benny Hinn. for to marginalize one could lead one down the slippery slope Fr. Barron warns us against.


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