11 May, 2014

Gunman dead, three Mounties injured after St. Paul, Alberta shootout | CTV News

Police are investigating whether the death of a Catholic priest is "related to the events" that left one suspect dead and three RCMP officers injured after a gunfight broke out in St. Paul, Alta. on Friday night.

In a statement on Saturday, RCMP confirmed that the Catholic priest’s death was being treated as a homicide, and investigators were probing any possible links to a shootout that occurred on the same night.

"The RCMP continues to investigate this homicide in an effort to determine whether the victim’s death is related to the events that resulted in the injury of three RCMP members and the death of the suspect," police said in a statement.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/police-probing-whether-death-of-priest-related-to-shootout-in-alberta-1.1815646#ixzz31PUYBZM8

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