22 April, 2014

Catholic teachers union blasted for WorldPride Parade plans

Catholic teachers union blasted for WorldPride Parade plans


  1. This is the great conundrum within the Catholic Church, people wishy-washy on teachings, but yet continue to call themselves Catholic, while faithful Protestants are labeled as heretics. Methinks the Roman Church has a problem on its hands, but refuses to recognize the great work of the Reformers, while allowing nonsense such as stated in this article. Sad indeed!


  2. I used to be a strong supporter of Catholic Schools but its becoming the NDP at prayer and nothing more as a visit to the OECTA facebook page will attest. Lots of talk of Social Justice (with the no mention of aborted babies), Lots of pink shirts and rainbow colors, promotion of Gaia related events but little mention of anything substantial to do with Catholic faith and morals. The odd social justice quote from a church official to make it all look Catholic.
    Many teachers are simply CINOs that make the rules up as they go with absolutely no adherence to Catholic teaching. Marching in a gay pride parade, complete with nude and barely dressed individuals gleefully promoting and simulating sodomy, fornication and depravity is just another nail in the coffin for the credibility of Catholic Schools.
    I used to be shocked by Bishop Fulton Sheen when he said if you want your child to loose his faith, send him to a Catholic School. I'm beginning to understand the wisdom of that statement. When a child is indoctrinated to accept immorality from his or her Catholic teacher, they will wrongfully assume they are being taught Catholic morality or theology. You don't have that confusion in the secular schools. We've seen in recent weeks cases where Catholic speakers sharing authentic Catholic teaching in so called Catholic Schools with students were chased out of town with torches and pitchforks by students, teachers and parents alike. Its a sad situation really. Only a remnant of the authentic faith remains.


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