24 April, 2014

Pope phones divorcee ‘living in sin’ to tell her she can take Holy Communion | National Post

I love the line "Some priests are more papist than the Pope." Even if this is not exactly what the Pontiff said, it's true none the less. If you doubt this, watch for the various blog posts that will pop-up on line from guys decrying the Pope's instruction to this woman. They should be fun to read.

Understand this please: This is NOT the Pope pronouncing on the question of divorce in the Catholic Church. This IS an example of the Pope reminding this woman that she is an adult, responsible for her own spiritual decisions. If she believes in her heart, mind, and soul that there is nothing wrong with her taking communion, then she has the right to do so. It's not up to a priest to judge her as being unworthy. That decision belongs to God alone. The priest was correct in pointing out that she was not living in accord with Church teaching, but he was wrong in then denying her communion for what is essentially a personal matter between her and God.

Further, this is different than the case of politicians who promote issues like abortion or same-sex marriage. They are committing a public offense by bringing scandal to the community when they come to the communion table. This is NOT the case with a person living in an invalid marriage.

So once again I state: I LOVE THIS POPE! He gets it! He understands the pastoral obligations that he carries as a priest in God's Kingdom and does not concern himself with keeping people away from the communion table... he's more concerned with administering God's mercy to those who do!

Pope phones divorcee ‘living in sin’ to tell her she can take Holy Communion | National Post

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  1. Some of the more conservative clergy are having trouble dealing with this ( http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/2014/04/the-pope-and-divorce.html ).

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