24 April, 2014

Where the Rubber Hits the Road passes another milestone

Keep 'er between the ditches folks!
It almost slipped past me without my noticing! I pay about as much attention to the stats that this blog generates as I do the odometer in my car - which is to say occasionally at best. But something made me check this morning and what did I discover... but that the blog has passed the 500,000 visit to the site!

It's heart warming to realize that it is of interest to so many folks. It's my pledge to do all I can to keep it as a place where you can find articles from a variety of perspectives on the questions facing the Church today for your reflection, edification, and comment.

So thank you to everyone who visits this blog. May it help you keep firmly attached to the road of faith in your life... or at least serve to keep you from crashing into the ditches our faith calls us to avoid lest we fail to complete our journey to God.

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  1. Great job! And congratulations, while I am not of your faith group, I appreciate your openness and honesty. We need more of you


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