07 November, 2013

Good grief!!! Here's a short video clip of a gay activist arguing that, since the planet is 'over populated', women should be forced to abort their children for the next 30 years!! One assumes he's talking facetiously... at least I hope so.


  1. No facetiousness here at all, this is the view espoused by all gays. It’s a part of their weird and sinful way. It is necessary view by virtue of the fact that it springs from the very essence of gay beings.
    Although gay beings and gay activist beings are not necessarily members of the same species , they are somehow substantially linked by this weird essential characteristic. Therefore, it's possible to form pretty sound judgement about both species based on the actions of the one.Plus it's easier and saves a lot of time to lump them.

  2. Larry - Total nonsense. I know many gays and they are not like this at all and I know non gays that would support this position. Generalizations about groups of people is always a bad idea and is often only one step away from much worse.


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