16 November, 2013

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan: the science of why we donate during disasters | CTV News

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan: the science of why we donate during disasters | CTV News


  1. Mr./ms Anonymous from " good news for our little diocese."
    Mr/Ms. Anonymous, here is a reply that should compel your interest even more sincerely than you already are:

    1) For some minds ( apparently, yours being one of the many) certitude is a must. Can’t function without certainty. So much so that one assumes to be certain about ‘matters’ where there can be no certainty.
    The truth of the matter is that it just ain’t as black and white as ‘believing’ or ‘not believing.’ It’s a question of probability , like it or not. Each and every one of us -including yourself Mr./Ms. Anonymous are subject to many prejudices that affect and influence our perception and judgment always.
    Based on my perception , here is my truth.: Probably not every accusation of sexual assault that is brought forward is true but every accusation of sexual molestation by a priest is probably true.
    2) There are countless possible realities but only one exists , yet you pick and choose the ’possibility’ that helps you to believe what you want while you stick your head in a dark place when it comes to considering probability.
    3) probably
    4) It says that to achieve a conviction for these pedophiles the burden of proof is very high , and it says that due to the nature of these crimes -‘these matters’ as you say- i.e. the rapist always gains the advantage of time and very often victims don’t ever come forward for that very reason.
    In other words it doesn’t say the same to me as it says to you.

    We see many victims degraded and dragged through the coals by top notch lawyers and members of the general public even after their molester is found guilty. We never hear any sincere apology from the church with an attempt to restore a terrible injustice from a victim whose ‘good name’ was desecrated as a child at the hands of trusted priest . Pedophile priests who were subsequently showered with love, admiration and a good place to hide and in most cases also provided by our church with the perfect pedophile environment in which to perform his relentless and revolting attacks upon our children.
    First of all Mr./Ms. Anonymous , you state four conclusions that you have jumped to. Then you admonish the ‘many folk’ who draw theirs because theirs are different from yours.

    1. Mr Green you could not be more on the mark about the attempt to cover up abuse by Priests, even by Anonymous posters!
      I hear the number of St. Josephs Nuns at the Mother House in Pembroke is very low now. It will probably end up as a retirement/hiding - out place for Priests, who may or may not have been abusers.


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