24 November, 2013

Best coin ever spent - A gift after a busy weekend

Musical Flash Mobs produce some amazing videos. Here's one to lift your spirits. It sure lifted mine! 

In my youth I played in such a symphony orchestra in Sudbury, Ontario as well as in a few concert & blues bands (some of the BEST moments of my life!!) and this is the closest experience I think anyone who hasn't shared such a joy of playing as part of a large musical group could hope to have which replicates the wonderful experience of being 'among the notes' as it were.

Thanks to Fr. Mitch Beachy up there in my old stompin' ground of Mattawa for pointing me in the right direction to find this gem. I hope you'll like it too.

Best coin ever spent.


  1. What did you play? I paid my way through university playing saxophone.


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