17 November, 2012

Open season on Catholicism - Catholic Culture

On The News : Open season on Catholicism - Catholic Culture


  1. Questions for the Tim Moyles and the ' Lee Munhuls'. Why do clergy still insist on protecting clerical pedophiles? Even if you disagree with breaking the seal of confessional in order to protect innocent and unsuspecting children from falling prey to these monsters , how can you interpret the opponents opinion as being an attack on the Catholic church?

    P.S. Off to the farm for the rest of the weekend Tim. Hope you enjoy yours. By the way if you have some time you should come over for a visit.We will be there all night tonite and all day tomorrow.

  2. Here's an analysis on the case of Savita Halappanavar. A full investigation needs to be done but I can't imagine any additional evidence that would condone what that hospital did.



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