08 October, 2012

Pope opens bishop synod, names 2 church doctors

VATICAN CITY - (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI urged the world's bishops on Sunday to try to bring back Catholics who have left the church as he opened a three-week meeting to reinvigorate the church's evangelization mission.
Some 262 cardinals, bishops and priests from around the world are in Rome for the meeting, or synod, called to give impetus to the pope's efforts to re-evangelize parts of the world where Catholicism has fallen by the wayside.
At the start of the Mass, Benedict named two new "doctors" of the church, conferring one of the Catholic Church's highest honors on the 16th-century Spanish preacher, St. John of Avila, and the 12th-century German mystic, St. Hildegard of Bingen. They join the ranks of only 33 other church doctors who have been singled out over the course of Christianity for their contributions to and influence on Catholic doctrine.

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  1. Cardinal Donald Wuerl od Washington talked about how the "secular influence" is sweeping away the "common good". Perhaps Cardinal Wuerl should start by addressing Rep. Ryan and schooling him out of his libertarian solopsistic Randian world view and requite him to assent to Rerun Novarum. It's not the secularists removing the common good, it good, faithful Catholics who are doing it

    1. But then again, we may also wish to consider the last words from the recently deceased cardinal of Rome, who just before his death offered the observation that the Roman Church was 200 years behind in its thinking ..........
      I wonder, how Jesus would appraise his 20th century catholic church opposed to his 16th century institution.


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