24 October, 2012

Godless Secularism Assaults Life and Liberty - by Archbishop Lori of Baltimore

Godless Secularism Assaults Life and Liberty

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  1. "Increasingly, anti-life and anti-family rules are being imposed on people of faith.

    Our "right to choose" — our right to choose to practice the faith we profess — a right guaranteed by the First Amendment — seems to mean little or nothing to many who wield power."

    Until I hear of one Catholic being forced to have an abortion, forced to use contraception or forced in engage in a same sex marriage in this country against their will, then I will regulate this argument to the category of formulating a strawman.

    Instead we can all think of situations that within our lifetimes, all abortions were banned, contraception was illegal (even for married non Cathiolics) and gays had no right to marry.

    While I would not presume to impose my morality (or lack thereof because for this bishop I lack the wisdom to have morality since I am an atheist) I would ask that this Catholic bishop not impose his morality on me or people of faith but not belonging to his denomination.


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