20 October, 2012

Mask off: Canadians now warning Americans

Imagine this:
“You are summoned to a tribunal where you cannot have a defense lawyer and you cannot record the proceedings nor have a witness present. The people judging and prosecuting you have no legal qualifications. The accusation is ambiguous, having to do with ideas the state does not like. The penalties could include fines equal to several thousands of dollars, public recanting and rehabilitation classes.”
Does this sound surreal or unthinkable to you? Unfortunately, it is all too real. These are the words of Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, from Ottawa, Canada.

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Mask off: Canadians now warning Americans


  1. Prendergast is an embarrsment to Canada. Enough with this Anti-Gay B.S. Deal with the issue that is truly effecting the people of the Catholic Church of Canada...the abuse of children by the pedatory religious..Where's your post from the Sudbury Star where abused have stepped forward to ask for support from their Church to deal with the abuse that they suffered at the hands of priests.Prendercast should be writing on their behalf. Your a Sudbury guy Father Tim,lets hear you stand up for these guys.

    1. Bruce McCauley22 October, 2012

      How can Prendergast be an embarrasment to Canada? He is hardly ever here. He travels as much as the money allows. He could be called an MIA.

  2. I've actually met bishop Prendergast, well before he became a bishop and was impressed with him. Not any more however. This was appalling.


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