07 October, 2012

Bill Donahue of the American Catholic Rights Organization speaks about the censorship of its proposed advertising by Hollywood


  1. L. Harrison07 October, 2012

    When is Bill Donshue going to discover that He is a lousy spokesperson for Catholics ? I, as a Catholic, do not want this over-paid loudmouth speaking for me. If just once he would tell us what he pays himself per year out of His organizations funds, he might have some credibility. He has no credibility anywhere else.

  2. $408,000 ( http://reform-network.net/?p=14643 )

    1. The catholic church sustains the livelihood of many folks.
      The more the pay and prestige, the more strident their voice and arrogance.
      I watched EWTN to see insults thrown against Gary Wills (author, Papal Sins). Wills is a constructive critic of the RC church and refuses to leave despite threats and insults.
      EWTN, it turns out, had Fr? Corrapi hiding a totally secular life of excess and vow breaking relationship.

      We've come a long way from the Unknowable God, to a belief that we are the one and only true faith.
      I still believe my greatest negatively instructed tenet was that it was a mortal sin to doubt my faith (dogma and doctrine of church)
      This for many, set the stage for the modern day version of Catholic corruption.
      Please view the new documentary, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God.
      What would we do to Jesus today if he appeared and 'kicked over the tables and whipped' the phony, plastic, spokesman of his message.
      As Paul said in his day, "accoursed be those who change the message of the gospel.
      For me I now address my personal failure by attempting to be awake and aware of my own sins of commission and omission.
      Giving voice against the Catholic Church is a waste of time and iritates the pigs (A.DeMello). The system is simply too dysfunctional.
      This web site allows connection with the sane seekers trying to resolve the cognitive dissonance of integrating the beauty of the Christ with the sleeze and ignorance of the leaders of His ???? church.
      No charge or pay for my opinion - and yes, maybe that's what its worth.


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