09 October, 2012

63 ex-Catholic priests in Washington: We back gay marriage

While I hardly find it shocking that men who once professed their commitment to uphold and teach the teachings of the Church - it's hardly a surprise that ex-priests might espouse a re-definition of the doctrines that caused them to put aside their vocational call. One might hope that some vestigial sense of respect for what they formerly believed, rooted in their own personal experiences as priests and pastors of knowing just how difficult it is to promote the Christian teachings in todays culture.

It's hard enough to convince a generation that for the most part lacks the self-control and discipline to keep their consumer purchasing in check - so great is the craving for immediate self-gratification among people today - without having to confront the opposition of those we thought of as our  brothers in ministry too. These ex-priests should know better than to kick mud on former friends. They may no longer believe in the Church, perhaps they've lost their faith in God as well. But they will no doubt come to believe in karma when they discover that 'what goes around, comes around'. Efforts which make life difficult for others when you should know better, is bound to come back to bite you is the a$$ later on.

From the perspective of someone who continues to work away faithfully for the faith, I just wish they'd keep their opinion to themselves.

63 ex-Catholic priests in Washingon: We back gay marriage

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