04 October, 2011

A request for prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes and energy


I haven't spent much time writing on the blog for the past few days as an elderly priest who has entrusted his care into my hands has been admitted into the Pembroke Regional Hospital with a case of pneumonia. Fr. Leon Bélanger suffers from a number of significant medical problems and he has been in a nursing home for a number of years. It doesn't appear as if this is necessarily an end stage event for him, but it is an unsettling and uncomfortable time for a man who no longer possesses the mental acuity to cope with such events.

Yours prayers, best thoughts and wishes, positive vibes and energies would be greatly appreciated.

I also have found out that comments are not being accepted on this blog for some mysterious technical reason. Hopefully the staff at Blogger will soon get things back to normal. I regret the inconvenience it may be causing anyone.

1 comment:

  1. Fr. Leon Belanger is very much in my prayers.
    Blessings and prayers,


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