11 October, 2011

Occupy Wall Street to march on millionaires' homes - U.s. - Catholic Online

Hummm... are we all that far from a call to 'storm the Bastille'? Do you think we'll soon hear the seductive siren call to arms at the barricades to shout for the King's head not in effigy but in truth?

Exaggeration? Certainly. Impossibility? Sadly if history is a teacher, the answer would have to be 'No'. At what point did King Louis know that the tide had turned and, what before were occasions for 'hotheads' to blow off steam and publicly make their claim to 'justice', had evolved into a murderous mob no long content with a symbolic removal of his head? Clearly, not in time.

Reading Conrad Black's latest memoir, 'A Matter of Principle' it is evident that proximity to power oft times blinds those so blessed to the danger at their door until it's too late. Looking back at his fate (and that of thousands of shareholders who lost everything the invested in Hollinger's various incarnations) he can see from where the arrows fired at him were manufactured. Alas for all concerned (excepting the corporate carrion hunters that devoured what were healthy profitable companies) the danger was recognized too late and 35 years of work, risk and investments was washed overboard.

Numbered among the most privileged of the human family on this globe, (as all Canadian citizens are) it would seem in our self interest to learn and heed the warning signs. The power of the west may find their nation states unexpectly tip and slip into the madness of mob rule masquerading in the guises of 'justice', 'truth' and 'fraternity' in wake of the credit and debt crises of this 21st century.

It may not happen tomorrow or even in my lifetime but we do seem to be heading into perilous waters. Those steering the ship of state these days need navigate with care lest they flounder on dangerous shoals and shores. Many of their predecessors were taken by surprise and failed to recognize the danger. There's no guarantee that they will be successful now either in dealing with the massive tensions that are testing the metal of governments around the world today. 'Occupy Wall Street' may one day become more than just a protest slogan.

I'm just saying.... 'uneasy the head that bears the crown', eh? It is never a bad time to remember to pray for those charged with managing our ship of state. Especially in troubled times, they need all the help they can get.

Occupy Wall Street to march on millionaires' homes - U.s. - Catholic Online

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