26 October, 2011

American Bishop takes a swing at 'SNAP' in the wake of his neighbor Bishop being charged with failure to report priest

"Since Father Ratigan’s arrest, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests has been very active in the diocese. But you have expressed concerns about SNAP’s role. Other critics have charged that SNAP has a close relationship with trial lawyers. In the past, Forbes magazine has documented this relationship. But when the local media recently asked SNAP to provide a list of donors, the organization said contributors were “victims” and their identity thus could not be divulged.

My take is that they have a hatred toward the Church. Their mission is no longer to assist victims, but is to strike at the Church and wound the Church.

But in the early days of the clergy abuse crisis, SNAP was viewed as a voice crying in the wilderness.

In my experience, they have never acknowledged a false accusation. As far as they are concerned, if you are accused, you are guilty. They don’t take anyone off the list. They don’t serve themselves well by insisting that every accusation is true.
This is the same group taking the Pope before the world court in The Hague. How outlandish is that? It shows the intent of the group.

I have victims who have come to me. They no longer want to go to SNAP because it’s only interested in fostering anger, and building a case against the Church, not serving the victims well.

People are hesitant — and I’m hesitant — to say this. But I am saying what many bishops are thinking. They are afraid to say it because SNAP will set themselves up on their doorstep."

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Archbishop Naumann on the Indictment of Bishop Finn | Daily News | NCRegister.com

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