19 October, 2011

New magazine reunites church and state | Holy Post | National Post

New magazine reunites church and state | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Larry Green19 October, 2011

    Have you seen any headlines about the Ottawa gay teen who succumed to the pain inflicted by rejection because he was gay? Who are his oppressors?

  2. Larry Green19 October, 2011

    I listened to cbc radio as his dad described a little boy (who came into the world such a short time ago) was going to help make this world a better place for everybody. A young boy who couldn't understand why he would be so hated and ostracized for such simple things like the fact that he liked to skate. Even though this little boy had all the love and support of his mom and dad , he needed to be accepted and loved by the others in the world.

  3. Larry Green19 October, 2011

    As I listened to this Dad’s excruciating pain , I cried because it really is too much for any human being to bear and it didn’t have to be , all his son wanted was to be loved and it is such a hopeless reality that he couldn’t find it anywhere apart from his mom and dad. There is nothing that disturbs me more profoundly than the injustice in the world motivated by hate , fear and prejudice toward those who are “different.” Our harm filled need to be the “right ones”, “ the best”, the morally certain ones “ , the “we know how to Be, and we must tell others to Be the same” do nothing to bring about peace in our homes , communities or in the world. The willingness to live in communion with only those who “agree” does not constitute the spirit of a peacemaker at all, it is rather simply a quest for power.
    This pursuit of power , mastery and control is wrong not just in far away places but also in our own places of insidious and subtle propaganda and our places of comfort , complacency and mediocrity. These inequalities along with our craving for admiration and recognition fundamentally defy what it means to be a human being.

  4. School yard bullies.

    Fr. Tim

  5. Larry Green19 October, 2011

    You have responded precisely how I expected you would!!! There is little or no doubt in my mind that I would receive the same response from any other catholic church official.
    Here some reality for you though Tim. The bullies learned from their parents and there teachers that it is wrong to be a faggot. The teachers and the parents learned from the pulpits of the catholic church that it is “wrong” to be a faggot. The parents and teachers have been exposed to sites like this one where you are intent on implanting fear in the hearts and minds of those willing to listen … For what reason if not to protect the order and maintain the power in the ideology that in the final analysis you are to afraid to question. As intelligent as you believe you are , you lack the courage to look critically within. I sincerely have a great deal of empathy for you Tim because evidently you have lost touch ( i..e. for the time being) with the higher place within from where love originates and from where you have been called to follow Jesus. How can anyone follow Jesus unless they give away everything they have. Some are rich with money and some are rich in the head . I think it is extremely difficult for a person to give up the riches of worldly possessions but it is much more difficult for a person to give up what he thinks he already knows and start over “ born from above” in order to hear and follow Jesus.

  6. Its sad that this poor young man felt compelled to take his life and that he suffered from the wrath of bullies at school. This should never happen.
    However I've heard of many more unpopular kids, homely kids, fat kids, broken home kids, abused kids, mentally ill children etc. etc. being bullied to the point of taking their lives too Larry. I suppose you blame the Church there as well? You've never met an atheist, agnostic or person of some other religion that bullied gays?

    Larry may I also suggest you get in touch with the "higher place within where love originates" since you've spent most of your post hurling personal insults at Tim while promoting hatred of Catholics with your many spurious accusations. I can't recall ever hearing Tim insult you in the many exchanges I've read between the two of you. In fact he's offered the other cheek to your blows multiple times. This time being no exception.


  7. Larry, thank you for what you have written.

    I spoke many a times here about my gay son.

    When I read about this young 15 year old. It's so painful and so sad.

    Larry...this could had easily been my own son.

    My heart goes out to his family.

    As for Fr. Tim Moyle....no comment.

    For me I found out myself the priesthood has many gays.

    I ask myself often do these priests ever get tired of pretending?

  8. Lina/Larry: Why the gratuitous insults? You asked why the boy killed himself and I gave the response that the news up here provided. Obviously you seemed not to want to discuss the issue but just insult me for giving an honest answer to what I assumed was an honest question.

    I am sick as a dog with a wicked chest cold, so maybe I'm too loaded up on medication to understand, but the presumptions the two of you are making about me on this issue is confusing for me to understand.

    Fr. Tim

  9. Fr. Tim,

    I just said no comment about you because I just did not want to get in a big discussion with you.

    I'm taking care of a elderly loved one who is dying.

    This is hard time for me.

    I am sorry you are not feeling well Fr. Tim.


  10. Lina: Caring for the dying is indeed a hard thing to do. Since I doubt I'll be doing much for the next few days (doc says my cold has turned into pneumonia) so I will remember to pray for you throughout the weekend and beyond, especially during this great work of kindness you are offering.

    Fr. Tim

  11. I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for your prayers.

    It is my father-in-law that is dying. My husband & I have been caring for him since his wife died in the late 90's. He has many medical problems.
    My dad (I call him that) he hasn't been well since this past March, in & out of the hospital.

    My dad's doctor said he should had died two weeks ago.

    My dad is still eating puree foods but he needs to be fed. He is completely bedridden. Everything has to be done for him. I am sure he doesn't recognize family members most of the time.

    Weeks ago (Thanksgiving weekend) I did call a priest for the sacrament of the sick even though months ago my dad told me not to bother ever getting a priest. He did something he never did before. He started to make the sign of the cross over & over. I talk to my husband and the rest of his adult children who were visiting him at the time & they told me to go again & call a priest. My dad was real ill and did try to follow the priest in prayers but was too weak to speak.

    Anyway, I am off to the hospital & again thank you for your prayers Fr.Tim.


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