04 October, 2011


Our First footstep on this earth....we walked with our mother in her womb.
CLEARLY... it is a LIFE that presses its tiny feet against a thin wall separating it from being a 'person' under the law.

It's a life... not a choice! 

While I respect the views of others whose convictions are currently reflected in law, I reserve and claim the right to CRY long and loud, to plead, argue and convince others that it is a human baby who is puting his footprint into the cement of the right to life. 

A debate with passion and sound argument that resists becoming 'argumentative'; one that gives no corner but throws no elbows; an airing of the arguments as each side pleads their case in the court of public opinion, before courts and the legislatures of this great and just nation. The debate should not be avoided out of some Canadian sense of social propriety... avoiding conflict with our neighbor by refraining for talking about money, faith or politics. After all, as Canucks, we all know the wisdom of walking in another's footprints to keep us safe in winter storms lest our life be lost. If we don't walk in the direction that tiny footprint points to... we know his/her life is still in grave danger. 

Let's do what we can to bring that foot safe into life. Let the debate begin.

Fr. Tim


  1. Testing, testing... are you working comment box?


  2. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    Symbolically it is, but realistically this is a medical emergency! The baby just broke out of the uterus!


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