28 December, 2010

Lose the religion or lose the subsidy - The Globe and Mail

Lose the religion or lose the subsidy - The Globe and Mail

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  1. I agree. Culture and religion are not the responsibility -- or the jurisdiction -- of schools and daycare centers that are intended for multicultural participants. If parents want to have their children taught religion and culture in a daycare setting, let them set up -- and fund -- their own private centers for such things. Public monies should never be used for it.

    However. Children being the knowledge sponges that they are, and carrying the basis for future society as they do, I would suggest that if the parents all wished it, each religion and culture could display its own traditions at every season. But it must be all-inclusive, with full explanations of the stories and mythologies behind each of the displays, emphasizing that no one single culture or religion is "better than" any other -- that all are acceptable, and that they contain the histories of the development of their peoples and societies within them.

    "...a Christmas tree (a cultural symbol, she decreed – which is highly debatable since Christmas is a Christian holy day)."

    Um, no. The tree is not Christian. It is a Pagan symbol. Nowhere in Christianity is there a tree with such significance.


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