20 December, 2010

Churches halt decline, new research shows - Telegraph

Humm... I thought that the atheists were trying to convince us that not only was the Catholic Church on an inexorable slide into oblivion, (especially in today's Britain) but that B16 was thought to be the very epitome of what the English detested: German, conservative, dogmatic, homophobic etc. Yet the evidence shows that in the wake of his visit to the British Isles, religious practice was on the rise throughout the Christian Churches.

Maybe the forces of faith are more resilient that our opponents have given us credit for. I do not deny that the church stands bloodied and battered before the world this day, and that there is a great deal of work to be done to repair the Barque of Peter. This news should give hope to believers everywhere for it is evident that the boat will stay afloat despite the sinfulness of a few and the animus of its enemies.

Churches halt decline, new research shows - Telegraph

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  1. i noted with interest that "the increase is small"...Jesus started with an 12 Apostles one of whom betrayed so small is WONDERFUL...see what grew from 12:))


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