03 December, 2010

Eating Our Young | Blogs | NCRegister.com

OH MY GOD.... NO!!! 

This must NOT be allowed under any circumstances. Please God, may this not be true.

Eating Our Young | Blogs | NCRegister.com


  1. Hilarious.

  2. even to think this shows man's inhumanity to man...technology should be used ONLY for the honor and glory of God.

  3. I have read that they make soup from fetuses in China and it is sold to people who wish to maintain youthfulness. Have read this in at least two different sources.

  4. Used to be you could also read that Jews slaughtered Christian babies and used their blood to make matzoh, too.

    Grow UP, people!

  5. page 91 in Better Ten Graves Than one Extra Birth, by the Laogai Research Foundation, begins the chapter entitled The Consumption of Aborted Fetuses.
    This book is written by Harry Wu, who has set out to expose the one-child policy of China, which he claims is the ultimate repression of human rights, the right to reproduce.
    This book is not a book meant to sensationalize the issue, but is a serious chronicle of the abuses in China with many statistics and tables, province by province.
    A quote `Midwives sell the aborted babies to cooks they know. The chooks charge 3000 - 5000 RMB and cook `baby soup`for their cusomters. This was written in Next Magazine, in Taiwan in 2001. Eating dead fetuses is considered a form of health food. Not imagining this.

  6. The Chinese have been know to consume some pretty bizarre things for different perceived medicinal effects. Bear gall bladders, shark fins parts from endangered animals etc. etc. If only they'd discover viagra the endangered species list would probably get cut in half. It would not surprise me if the consumption of aborted fetuses was going on. I hope its just urban legend though.


  7. Julie, nobody said you were imagining anything. But you really do need a new set of batteries in your BS meter. If you believe that crap, you'll believe just about anything. Next time, why not check Snopes before you buy into the most bizarre thing you've ever read, hm?

  8. I think, Janus, that you don't wish to hear these things because you have to defend abortion no matter what it entails. So you simply dismiss the horrible grotesque things that go along with it. Such as the selling of fetal organs to health spas, the business that is centered around the trading of fetal body parts, and the eating of fetal remains. Keep your head in the sand, just so long as you can keep abortion legal, right?

  9. Sweetie, I'm not the one making up (or buying into) conspiracy theories and fictional horror stories in order to justify spreading my own irrational fears to the rest of the world. None of this can be demonstrated. All of it is speculation, just like the "fact" that Jews killed and ate Christian babies. And until it can be proved, don't you think it's pretty irresponsible of anyone to act as though the bogeyman lives under someone else's bed?

    On the other hand, when you have solid proof, present it and we'll take it from there, 'kay?

  10. About thirty seconds' worth of research turns this fable into a really tired urban legend:


  11. And another forty seconds later:


  12. And for your information:



    Harry Wu is not a conspiracy theorist but a man with actual personal information about living in China. Ignore ugly truth if you wish, but the truth will prevail.

  13. When was the last time Harry Wu was in China? [Fifteen years ago.] And where did he spend that time? [In jail, being convicted of "crimes" just before being deported back the the USA, and he was lucky to be allowed to leave.]

    Can you say, "ax to grind?"

    Look...there is no doubt that China has an atrocious track record when it comes to human rights "violations." Your problem is that you think they acknowledge that there is such a thing as "human rights." Or that they care what you think. And they are quite willing to go on the record about refusing to abide by laws of other nations.

    So, if they actually are eating fetuses, don't you think they'd be willing to say so and invite the world to kiss their ass about it?

    Not a conspiracy theorist? What else would you call someone who accuses an entire people without proof? And expects to be believed, based on nothing but that he says so?

    If he has proof, let him bring it, and I will change my stance. Otherwise...

  14. "If he has proof, let him bring it and I will change my stance."
    Rich indeed, from the woman who says that the unborn aren't persons, despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary. Just what would you believe, Janus? Oh sorry, only what you decide to call truth. As if your naming something gives it its reality.

  15. Oh, do try to pay attention, will you? There is one helluva difference between deciding what one calls a biological entity and what one does with it. The first is a complex question, the answers to which are many and varied and based on (among other things) biology, religion, philosophy, culture, and law. The second is merely a closed question: do the Chinese eat fetuses? Yes or no?


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